A difference that lasts.


We believe in creating new ideas and better processes for building infrastructure. Our processes deliver the highest quality in less time, with fewer people than other teams in the industry. Our commitment to excellence and quality drives us to create the best value for the client on every project we undertake. The core principles that guide our success are honesty, a positive attitude and a diligent work ethic.




Effectiveness and Quality


C.L. Heilman Company is not just another contractor. Our company is distinguished by owner involvement from the top down. We care about the quality and care that goes into the projects we build. The people on our team share this vision and it shows.



New Construction

Built RIght, Built to Last

We love building with concrete and steel. We take great pride in delivering high quality structures and smooth roads.


Specialty Repairs

FASt and durable maintenance

With increasing demand being put on our country’s infrastructure, we believe in being able to quickly perform critical repairs that will last. Our depth of experience enables us to overcome any repair problem that might come up on a bridge or highway.


Major Overhaul

When A bandaid isn’t Enough

Often the superstructure of a bridge is fatigued beyond use before the foundation. We perform partial demolition and retrofits that offers a lasting solution at an affordable price.

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Ideas that work

We offer free consultation to engineering firms and governments because we believe the best ideas are found through collaboration. We offer practical solutions and enjoy sharing our field experience to help solve difficult design problems.